dZp dealership

dZp Dealership (daZepelin#6380)


dZp Dealership allows players to have their own vehicle dealerships - manage them, control sotck, track sales, buy cars from other players or from server, then resell them to other players and more. This is a great addition if you want to enhance your economics and late game players experience in your server. Below you can see graphical model of the system:

system graphs


Dealership owners:

Set Up


For smoother delivery join Discord Server before placing an order. After you have placed an order you will be granted with a role on daZepelin discord server which will allow you to use bot commands for this script. If for any reason you did not get the role automatically please contact daZepelin#6380. After purhcase (if you are in the discord server) you will receive a direct message from Discord bot with your license key which you will have to paste to Config.LicenseKey. If it happened that you did not receive the license key or you forgot it you can write +license. Other bot commands can be found by writing +help to the bot. To get download link use +download dzp_dealership and send it to the bot.


Adding cars to specific dealership

To add more cars any dealership you can do it manually in database table dzp_carsstock or by using staff (adjust player groups needed for commands in commands.lua) command /dzp_addlocal <shopId> <model> <price> <label> where:

Creating new dealerships

If you want to create more dealerships you will need to do it manually in database table dzp_dealerships. Explanation of table columns:

xPlayer properties: